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Thor Industries offers full central air conditioner parts services in Las Vegas for our residential and commercial clients. No matter what central air conditioner parts services you require, Thor Industries can provide you with the best. Thor Industries is the best in the industry when it comes to central air conditioner parts services and we take pride in the work that we provide. Contact Thor Industries today for more information on our central air conditioner parts services and prices at 702-997-8467
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At Thor Industries we are committed to our central air conditioner parts customers in the Greater Las Vegas, NV area. Thor Industries will make every effort to meet your expectations when it comes to central air conditioner parts services, or refund your money. Please give Thor Industries a try for your next central air conditioner parts service. Contact Thor Industries today at 702-997-8467 Thor Industries commitment to service means that we will do anything we can to keep you a happy customer once you have decided to work with us.
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- Exterior Surfaces - Powerwashing
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- Plumber - General Services
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To fix, repair, or replace an air conditioning system (not plugged into an outlet) that uses ducts to move cooled and/or dehumidified air to more than one room. Central air conditioning works like a regular ac unit, but it has a few additional benefits. Since the central A/C unit is located outside the home it operates with a lower level of noise compared to a free standing A/C device.  Also, the room air is drawn in from different parts of the building through return-air ducts which work hand in hand with a filter system that removes airborne particles like dust and lint - this filtered clean air is routed back into the various rooms.

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