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AC Repair or Installation Las Vegas

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AIR CONDITIONING Need help keeping your house or business cool? We will install, repair and keep up the maintenance
of your A/C

It’s almost summer! There’s nothing more disappointing than opening the front door of your home or office expecting refreshing reprieve from the summer months, only to be met with a blast of hot air. Thor Industries is aware of the triple digit temperatures that Las Vegas can reach. It’s a miserable experience for anyone to endure, especially without a proper functioning air conditioning system. Our technicians make it a top priority to do whatever it takes to keep your house or office space cool, comfortable and safe. You can count on us.

Thor IndustriesWhat we Offer

Air Conditioning Installations

– An air conditioning system is one of the most expensive appliances you will need for your house or business. It is important to pick a unit that will save you energy and money in the long run. Our trusted technicians will take the time to choose the best energy efficient air conditioning unit(s) that will be suitable for your house or office. All of our technicians are skilled, experienced and licensed to work with all major brands of A/C systems.

Air Conditioning Repairs

– Whether it’s a condenser fan, drainage pipes, refrigerant leaks, compressors, or fan blower, we have all the right tools to repair your A/C unit. However, we will take the proper steps to diagnose what the problem is with your system. We are determined to have your A/C back up and running in no time.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

– Most people don’t take into consideration the regular maintenance that needs to be done to their air conditioning unit(s). Maintenance on your A/C unit will extend the life span, save you money, and optimize the performance.Check out our Guardian Protection Plan to help keep your unit(s) updated.

AC Repair

Common Signs Of A Malfunctioning A/C Unit

No Cool Air

If you turn on your A/C unit and there isn’t any air or the air is warm, that’s a sign that there could be a big issue. There are be several things that could be wrong such as the air filters, condensate lines, refrigerant leak or compressor.

Weird Noises

There shouldn’t be any noises coming from your unit(s). If you hear any grinding, rumbling, or squeaking noises, unplug your unit and contact Thor Industries. You want to prevent any other damages that may occur.

Odd Smells

It is extremely important to keep the air you breathe, sleep and work in clean.
If your A/C unit has odd smells coming from it, be extremely careful. You could be breathing in mold or burned wires.


If your A/C Unit is leaking or has moisture around it, it could be a refrigerant leak or broken drain tube. Contact our specialist to identify why your A/C unit(s) have moisture around it

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